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SoftGuard Central Alarm Monitoring

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REMOTE WEB MONITORING: Designed for the monitoring and processing of alarm events from any type of alarm source reported through any protocol like telephone, sms, radio, smartphone or IP network. It is 100% portable with all the power of the web applied to decentralization.


SMARTPANICS: For human monitoring, allows to the send alarm events from smartphones, monitoring and visualization of smartphones of the family / work group, visualization of live cameras, alarm accounts and mobile/ GPS in real time. 100% customized with logos and colors of the end customer.


VIDEO VERIFICATION: Designed to integrate video and audio to the alarm events received at the central station in a simple and intuitive way. Significantly reduces the false alarms and optimizes use of response teams by verifying alarms before deployment.


VIGICONTROL:  System for Guard tour control with online monitoring for Security guards and response personnel. Additional features help ascertain guard is alert and awake.


TRACKGUARD: For GPS tracing of people, vehicles and / or pets. Allows the setting of geo-fences, sending remote commands, reporting historical routes, etc.


TECHNICAL SERVICE: To perform a comprehensive management of technical services and their status. It allows an orderly control of new facilities, scheduling and monitoring of preventive and corrective maintenance services.


WEB ACCESS CORPORATE CLIENT: So that end-customers can login to see information pertaining to their respective alarm accounts at any time and from any place.

REPORT AUTHORITIES: Allows the events that arrive at the monitoring central to be redirected to the competent authorities or to a secondary monitoring center for proper attention according to the indicated protocol.

MONEYGUARD: For billing and collections of monitoring payments, automatically, by subscriber / dealer ranges, by groups or by type of service.

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